Distributed Renewable Energy Solutions

Energy is harnessed via isolated devices and systems for power generation at the household level as well as for heating, cooking and productive uses. Rahimafrooz Solar has designed and implemented many such applications in rural Bangladesh till date.

Solar Pump 2

Solar Irrigation Pump​

Solar powered irrigation pumps are a boon for farmers. They reduce the cost of irrigating crop land and also the impact on the environment due to zero carbon emissions.

Drinking Water

Solar Drinking Water Pump

​Our pumps are designed to be operable and installable with SHS in conjunction with tube wells (submersible). Using 0.5 Horse power pump to ensure regular water supply, water filter or purification systems can also be set up during installations. Pumps can also be customized depending on requirements.

DRE Street Light

Solar Streetlight Solutions

With rechargeable batteries, solar streetlights are energy efficient alternatives to conventional streetlights. They power up remote areas, large facilities or homes after sunset, increasing security and convenience. It is powered by solar panels generally mounted on the lighting structure or integrated into the pole itself.


AC/DC System

We offer DC systems ranging from 20Wp-600Wp; and AC systems ranging from 350W-15KW (expandable upto manifold) for residential use.


Market Grid

Small grids designed for rural markets and shops that ensure the continuity of business by overcoming power cuts, inadequate and inconsistent grid electricity.



Autonomous grids are connected to a power storage system, which then distributes energy to beneficiaries. Market grids are implemented in areas that cannot be connected to the central grid due to geographical and logistical issues.

Agro Solar


Agricultural land can be used to set up panels high enough so that the panels can be mounted to allow the crops planted below to receive almost as much sunshine as they would if the panels were not there and to permit farm machinery to operate beneath them. This requires advanced technology and infrastructure planning to not only maximize the solar energy but also positively impact the yield of the land.


Cold Storage

Solar powered cold storage facilities are built and installed for crops that require cool temperatures for storage. In Bangladesh, as it is a tropical country, raw produce tends to get spoiled quickly if not stored in cool temperatures. This gives farmers and cultivators time to be able to reduce spoilage as well as sell produce over a longer period of time.


Milk Chiller

Solar powered milk chillers are designed for dairy farms and farmers so that milk from dairy farms can be stored a few days longer before they are sent to pasteurizing facilities and markets to be sold.

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