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Solar Rooftop System

Roof-top solar power systems provide energy for both office and households. This comes as an efficient alternative to supplement conventional grid energy and substitute usage of generators.

The first key rooftop project installed Rahimafrooz Solar was at the Prime Minister’s office. From then onwards, various government institutions and the private sector have embraced solar solutions as a form of alternative form to meet the partial energy required. Rahimafrooz is a major player in the development of rooftop solutions and systems installer for Bangladesh.readmore

Solar Home System (SHS)

Solar Home Systems or  more popularly known as SHS are the means to ensure light in rural off-grid areas. Solar Home System constitutes of a package of Solar panel, battery and accessories, providing light and a way of living in those areas not connected to the grid. For agarian Bangladesh, where a huge number of population are outside conventional grid, the visionary  journey of Rahimafrooz Solar with SHS started in the mid 1980s, with the single installation of a home system at Sylhet. It gradually started inititating awarness and emphasizing the necessity of SHS thorugh its activities and had henceforth been one of the most prominent and active forebearers of the SHS revolution in Bangladesh. readmore

 Solar Powered Irrigation System

Solar irrigation pumps systems offered by  RREL are of two types:Irrigation

  1. Flooded Irrigation
  2. Drip and small scale irrigation

Crop farming has been the way of life, for Bangladesh and  thousands of acres of arable lands are dedicated  to crop farming. Farming requires uninterrupted and cost effective methods of water dispersion. Energy crisis and scarcity of diesel had been major disruptive factors and drawback to irrigation system, resulting in reduced crop yields. readmore

Solar Powered Drinking Water System

We offer drinking systems for:

  • Communities
  • Live stock

This solution provides pure drinking water to communities who are deprived of runnung water as well as do not have access to natural fresh water.Solar drinking solutions offered by RREL consists of both PSP and groundwater type solutions, whereby surface water and underground water is filtered and stored for usage.readmore

Solar Telecom Solution

Solar Telecom Solution provides unique enrgy solution to off-grid mobile base stations, offering alternative power, optimizing cost of operation and providing green enrgy. In Bangladesh, even though a populatrion of 40%  still lives in the off-grid areas the tele- density is more than 32%. This shows the increasing need to stay communicated and hence the pressure on Mobile operators. To run a base station 24/7 requires huge amounts of fueled generators, as these stations are situated if in off-grid areas and where areas where grid connectivity is not sufficient to do the needful.readmore

 EPC and Projects

RREL has developed unique capability to design solar solutions and roll-out projects throughout its years of operation and excellence. It has successfully installed a number of solar based projects in the country that includes many important and prestigious local and govt. establishments.

The company has dedicated EPC team to cater own or third party project requirement.readmore

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Solarizing Bangladesh and Beyond: RREL

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Solarizing Bangladesh and Beyond: RREL

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