Along with fast charging, the EV three wheelers are highly efficient with higher mileage per unit, being extremely durable and low maintenance.

It is modern by being aero dynamic and stable with robust design perfect for application in developing nations. With powerful, reliable all weather breaks and speed limit options and much more, the vehicle is in itself provides for more safety and security.

EV on the road

Fast Charging

EV charging

Charging for electric vehicles like 3-wheelers, motorcycles and electric rickshaws are necessary for enabling fossil-fuel free transport in rural Bangladesh. This reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and creates entrepreneurship opportunities for station owners. Properly charged vehicles ensure longer life of batteries and allowing for increased income by the vehicle driver.

Fast charging solutions can be used with grid power/solar power or hybrid of both.

New Technology Storage Solution

We are working to develop world’s latest technology storage solution like Lithium Ion, Super-capacitor (Sup-cap) for EV and charging storage and for other applications. This will help in improving storage efficiency and longer life.

Lithium EV battery