Electricity cost from rooftop system is at least 40% less than grid electricity

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Why Rooftop Solar?

  • Utilization of unused rooftop space
  • Balance usage of electricity using reliable and uninterrupted power
  • Reduction of electricity bill with cheaper electricity than that of grid
  • Attractive payback period
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Tier 1 products in your facility
  • Demonstrate alignment of your company with SDG goals to stakeholders
  • Sale of unused electricity to the national grid

Energy Storage System (ESS)

Energy Storage System (ESS) provides cost-effective and sustainable power generated from the sun around the clock. Electricity generated from the PV array is used to optimize self-consumption and the excess energy charges the Li-ion based storage to supply power the loads at night. It reduces the dependency on conventional power and ensures reliability. It also has wide range of application in improving grid power quality like peak shaving, frequency regulation, voltage support etc.

ESS Image